• Customised Horse Floats

  • Customised Horse Floats

    Create Your Own Style Horse Float!

  • Customise Your Horse Float Your Way!

    Gladiator Horse Floats believes that your horse float should stand out the way you want it to. This is why at Gladiator Horse Floats we offer you the choice of selecting your own coloured horse float! Whether it's a Pink Horse Float, Purple Horse Float, Blue Horse Float, Black Horse Float or any other desired colour, we give you the opportunity to create your own colour scheme for your horse float. At Gladiator Horse Floats, we believe that your Horse Float should reflect your own personal style and character.

    Gone are the days where a horse float comes in one standard colour. Like we always do, Gladiator Horse Floats wants to create a horse float that symbolizes your true colour. You choose the colour of your horse float and we will turn your standard coloured horse float to something that stands out from the crowd. If it's a HOT Pink Horse Float, or Blue, Purple or Green Horse Float then Gladiator Horse Floats wants to create that unique horse float for you.

    To customise your Horse Float simply get in touch with Gladiator Horse Floats on 1300 445 234 for more information on how you can create your own colour scheme horse float.