• Gladiator Floats is here to revolutionize the horse float industry !

    Custom Built Horse Floats created to suit your horse' needs!
    Gladiator Horse Floats are built in such a way that ensures your horse is comfortable and safe during transportation.

    We offer a range of horse floats from 2 Horse Angle Floats, 3 Horse Angle Floats and more!

    2 Horse Angle Standard - Swing Out Tack Box and Side Enclosed Rug Rack ~ Fully Padded - $23,800
    3 Horse Angle Standard- Swing Out Tack Box and Side Enclosed Rug Rack ~ Fully Padded - $29,800

    We are located in Wollongong on the South Coast of NSW. We manufacture horse floats, repair horse floats, customise horse floats and trade-in horse floats. Gladiator Floats offers the highest workmanship in engineering as this is the base of our business.

    Gladiator Horse Floats has been in business for the past 20 years in steel manufacturing and fabrication. We are committed to providing our clients with high quality horse floats, horse float repairs, customised horse floats and most importantly value for your money and service beyond your expectations.

    Gladiator Horse Floats can manufacture horse floats to any specifications or modifications. Our standard Gladiator horse floats are built to high standard, which means, the tack box, rug racks and full padding are standard features in all our horse floats. There are many other additional features of our Gladiator horse floats that have not been available in the past on any other horse floats. We bring new ideas, new styles and a new energy into the horse float industry like no other.

    Gladiator Horse Floats offers you the optional 'extras'. We provide you with 'extra' options to customise your horse float in any way you require. Check out our horse floats 'extra options' that we have on offer! Gladiator Horse Floats are built to last. When you purchase a horse float from Gladiator Horse Floats, you will feel comfortable to know that you received quality and value for your hard earned money!