• Gladiator Double Horse Floats

  • Deciding to purchase a horse float for the first time may seem to be a daunting thought. It is arguably an expensive item but a certainly good investment for genuine horse lovers and professional horse keepers. Horse transportation is not an easy task and you cannot afford to carry your prized animals in a lousy truck or lorry that can be a potential source of injury or discomfort to them.

    A Horse float is designed in a professional manner to suit the requirements of horses and make it easy for the owners to carry them to any place by road. It may be that you do have a float type already in mind, but for a purchase equivalent to buying a personal vehicle (in cost terms), it may be worth taking a little more time to choose the best option.

    It is certainly possible to have anything from a single float to a 4 horse float and even a trailer with accommodation room for overnight journeys. A Double Horse Float is a popular option for most people who keep a pair of horses. Even if you have a single horse presently but plan to get its mate soon, it is an economical, practical and sensible decision to buy a Double Horse float.

    Horse floats are usually classified as light trailers. They normally fall into the TB class - that is, a trailer with maximum loaded weight of between between 0.75 tonnes and 3.5 tonnes. The manufacture of the float specifies this weight, which is technically referred to as the maximum gross vehicle mass. The size and weight of the horse float should also be checked to ensure that it can be towed easily by your four wheeler.

    If you tow an overweight float, you run the risk of breaking the law and putting your vehicle warranty at risk - not to mention the risk to your own safety.

    Be sure to consider the particular needs of the horse breed too. For instance if you have a 17.2 hand Warmblood performance horses, you will most certainly need a double horse float with extra height and length to make sure that your pets travel in comfort, and arrive fit and stress free for a competition or event. If possible, take them for a ˜test drive"™ in the float, before you buy it - just to know that it is as suitable and practical as it looks !

    In Australia, where horse riding is a popular sport,you may find lot of professional builders of horse floats. You can buy a simple "off the shelf" model, with no additional features, or you can get one customized with the right accessories for your (and of course your horse's) needs! Remember new floats may look similar from the outside, but it is surprising how different they can be when you carefully check the interiors.

    Some of the things that you may want to have as added extras include: double flooring, extra height or width and special latches on dividers and ramps. Accessories such as tack boxes or cupboards, saddle racks, extra interior lighting are also provided by good float suppliers.

    Gladiator Horse Floats have some great options for those seeking a single horse floats, Double horse float, 3 and 4 Horse Floats. Apart from these, there are accessories that you may need to further improve the look and feel of your pet's "moving shelter". With a reasonable price range, Gladiator Horse Floats offer you the best value for every dollar that you spend on your purchase. The systematic design of the float ensures that your prized horse travels with maximum ease and you have complete peace of mind.

    Horse floats are available in many different designs, ranging in size for accommodating one, two, three or four horses. A Three horse float is practical option for many horse owners as it can be towed and pulled by a car or 4WD. Since horses are often trailed for the purpose of competitions or work, they must arrive in peak physical condition at the concerned destination. A three horse float is designed for the comfort and safety of the animals. It typically has adjustable vents and windows as well as suspension designed to allow for a smooth ride and lowest possible stress on your prized animals.