• Gladiator Single Horse Floats

  • Keeping a horse as pet can be a powerful emotional experience as horses are known to be beautiful and noble creatures. Just like any other pet, a horse also needs full fledged care with proper diet, place to run about and a stable. At the same time, you cannot undermine the importance of a good horse float that lets you transfer your treasured pet safely and with least amount of stress.

    If you are a professional horse racer, rider, jockey or even an amateur, you may have to sometimes take your horse to far off places. A lorry or large pick-up van is not the right vehicle to carry an animal like horse. It is not only cruel and painful for the creature but also highly impractical and inconvenient. Your pet may also get hurt if the driver does not handle the vehicle properly.

    A horse float or horse trailer is designed in a scientific manner to transport your horse in style, safety and comfort. Taking horses in a float saves time and money spent on traveling. Another prime advantage is that you can use it as a stable for your horse if you have to stay in a place where there is no provision for keeping the animal.

    Horse floats are available in different sizes to keep different number of horses. A single horse float is good for those who have only one horse and like to give it personal attention with maximum care. You would find a Single horse for sale in different parts of Australia. However before you shell out money for a major purchase like horse float, there are certain key points to remember:

    * It should have a design that is compact and practical.
    * It should have an enduring, durable and strong make that can stand the adversities of weather.
    * It should be spacious to accommodate all essential requirements.
    * The maintenance cost of the float should not be high.
    * There should not be any vibrations while it moves on the road.
    * It must have all standard equipment that are required to keep the horse in comfort.
    * The float should be able to retain a minimum resale value.

    One of the biggest problems associated with a horse float is rust that also makes it unsafe and uneconomical to repair. Surface rust does not mean much. It can be easily detected and dealt with. The rust that creates serious problems is the one that develops when water gets into nooks and crannies and does not escape or evaporate away. This may eat the chassis of the vehicle and causes serious damage.

    All parts of the float should be checked periodically for rust to eliminate it in initial stages. The tyres of the Horse Float must be well inflated so that the vehicle maintains an even balance and does not wobble during movement.

    So when you are looking for a single horse float for sale, choose a reliable supplier that provides the best one equipped with all essential features as described above. Checking all the parts and internal section of the float is important to ensure that you investing in the right product.

    Gladiator Horse Floats have some great options for those seeking a single horse float for sale. We also have Double horse float, 3 and 4 Horse Floats and goose neck floats. Apart from these, there are accessories that you may want to further improve the look and feel of your pet's "mobile shelter". With a reasonable price range, Gladiator Horse Floats offer you the best value for every dollar that you spend on your purchase. The methodical design of the float ensures that your prized horse travels with maximum ease and you have complete peace of mind.