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  • Three Horse Floats Information

    Horse floats are available in many different designs, ranging in size for accommodating one, two, 3 Angle or four horses. A 3 Angle horse float is practical option for many horse owners as it can be towed and pulled by a pickup truck or even a good 4WD.

    Since horses are often trailed for the purpose of competitions or work, they must arrive in peak physical condition at the concerned destination. A 3 Angle horse float is designed for the comfort and safety of the animals. It typically has adjustable vents and windows as well as suspension designed to allow for a smooth ride and lowest possible stress on your prized animals.

    Purchasing a 3 Angle horse float is a major decision and you certainly cannot afford to compromise on quality aspects. The complete design of the float should have all practical aspects of a trailer that is well suited to the needs of your animals.

    Some crucial features of horse floats can help to make a significant improvement in the way you load and unload horses from the float. In addition to the trailer's configuration and capacity, the weight of the float should be checked to ascertain that it can be pulled without much load on your vehicle.

    Some horses may take time to adjust to a trailer but as the owner of a prized animal, you certainly need to be aware of few basic points while selecting the best horse float for your pet.

    Traditional straight-load, step-up floats may work well for loading, but may present challenges while unloading.

    Most of them require the horse to back out, and when he does, his hind legs may easily slip underneath a step-up trailer, especially if the horse scrambles backward on slick footing. And searching for the ground behind him while unloading can cause a horse to panic or develop a long-term phobia, especially from high-floored trailers.

    Gladiator Floats is an Australia Horse Float company that not only provides horse floats but has a passion for horses and safe horse transportation. We have many horse float accessories which can be purchased as an add on feature to any horse float or can be purchased separately.

    Gladiator Floats have designed even the horse ramp on the horse floats with horses in mind.
    Gladiator Horse Float ramps are designed in such a way to make unloading easier for your horse. The horse ramp is such an important part of a horse float as a steep ramp may cause a horse to slip and panic, so always purchase the one that's long enough to offer a low, gradual slope, has a sturdy, non-slip surface, and is easy to lift, assisted by springs. These are all offered at Gladiator Floats.

    In the angle-load trailers, horses can be turned around inside and led out head-first, easing some of those loading and unloading problems. The angle-load design allows more horses to fit into a smaller trailer, and the angled 3 Angle-horse float-with dressing rooms are popular among recreational riders. However, if a horse in the front stall has a problem, the horse(s) behind him must be unloaded to reach him, unless there's a front- or side-load ramp, too.

    At Gladiator Horse Floats, we will certainly aid you in choosing the best horse trailer / horse float at most economical price. We also give you a wide choice of accessories such as tack boxes or cupboards, saddle racks, extra interior lighting that help you to enhance the look and comfort level of the horse floats.

    Gladiator Horse Floats have some great options for those seeking single horse floats, Double horse float, 3 Angle horse float and 4 Angle Horse Floats or the Gooseneck horse floats (for six to eight horses).

    Apart from these, we also supply all the popular accessories for the horse floats. With a reasonable price range, Gladiator Horse Floats offer you the best value for every dollar that you spend on your purchase. The superior design of our horse floats ensures that your favourite pet travels with maximum ease and you have complete peace of mind.